Z – is for Zoe!

Most letters mean so many things to me but Z is more or less entirely reserved for Zoe.  The year she was born was a pretty popular Z year since I know more than one Zepher and Zane her age and I always wonder if I had actually named her Nola would she be as outgoing and loud as she is?  Zoe is just a loud name 🙂  In a good way, excited and over the top – but – also sometimes  mad and, well, over the top.  You can hear her voice clear as a bell for miles around, maybe she has a future as public speaker?


Zoe turns 5 in 15 days and she can’t wait.  4 has been a good year for her, she has grown and matured and learned tons.  Her logic is on target and she is absolutely fantastic about remember things you like or don’t like.  Her ability to control the crazy comes and goes but deep inside I know she will be just fine.  I pity every teacher to come for this group because it is an entire class of middle or youngest children.  In 2010 nobody was choosing to start a family since nobody knew what was going on with the economy.  We were doing fine so we went on with our plan to grow our family and anyone else born in her year was probably has parents in a very similar situation – knowing 1 more won’t hurt.  However… Imagine an entire class of middle/youngest children.  The “look at me!” is insane!  I know because I go visit her class monthly.


I will do a more detailed Zoe post for her birthday (in 15 days.  Did you know 15 days? Do you think I answer that question 65x a day?) but to hold you over here is a picture of Zoe with Zebra and her favorite letter; ZIMG_5221

And with this Z post, I have COMPLETED the alphabet challenge.  Not one day missed and very few days done cheezie.  I’m ready to go back to my normal challenges and posting stuff, I miss that too, but, I have enjoyed this exercise and all the people I met also doing the alphabet.

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