U – Up side to Under Pressure

2 parties in 2 days!

Things are coming along but now is about when I start to feel the pressure….  There were things I should have done already that I let slide figuring things would go ‘to plan’ and I would have time later.

The Upside is I did do tons already – 90% of the house is very clean and party ready.  I already made the blankets that are the party favor for Zoe’s birthday and they just need bows tied.  I actually made 2 per kid; one child sized and a matching one in doll size.  I can’t resist at least one project!


The shopping is done for all but day of things.

I still need to put together the party favors for Niamh’s party but all the parts are in one place and ready.

The tent is up, got up before dark even but I just didn’t get a picture before dark….

The upside to under pressure is that frantic burst of energy I expect to roll in any time now.  Energy to do all the things!  I skipped the gym today because I ‘lost’ a day earlier in the week I was counting on but thats life.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is that we found out today that Zoe’s bff from school is allergic (like epipen) to dairy.  I have a plan and she is bringing her own dairy free cheese* for pizza and I need to make another set of cupcakes since she can’t have the cake but I do have a dairy free frosting in my arsenal and Zoe said the sweetest thing when I told her that her friend can’t have regular pizza, she said “well, I’m up for trying soy pizza!”  If she is game so am I and we are going to have two awesome parties.

Ps * I’m not asking what is in dairy free cheese

pps. Tomorrow’s post is probably going to be something like “v – very busy” so manage expectations 🙂


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