R – is for Running

Running…. a necessary evil in some ways.  Long ago I figured out that I was not coordinated enough for sports like tennis or golf but running takes very little hand eye skill.  It is also a way to melt off weight.  I’ve read plenty of things that say walking is just as good but I get so bored walking and running is just so much faster.

At one point I was a good runner, on a team with a trainer and everything.  A part of my brain can’t give up those stats and anytime I run a slow mile I hear echos of the past telling me to speed up.  Now I do a 5k here and there but I basically just run to run.  Usually at some point I start really feeling strong running and end up running faster.  This year I used the elliptical all winter to try and get to that point faster in the outside season and based on that plus some weight training I’m happy to say my mile time is under 9 min and hovering at 8.40 already!  I have no clue if I’ll ever run something more substantial like a 10k or a Half or even a marathon.  My sister and so many friends have done marathons but I’m not sure I can commit to doing anything for 5 hours, not to mention all the time you’re supposed to run before to work up to the 26 miles.  I’ll put it in the ‘maybe’ category and that is an upgrade from the ‘never’ status it has been for years.

Here are my top ten reasons to run;

1. Next to no equipment needed, all you need is sneekers.

2. I can listen to my book in peace – I like audio books, way more distracting than music and the pace is more steady

3. I can run away from my family for a while – I always go back… but for half an hour I can be gone with a good reason

4. Good to check out what is going on in the neighborhood

5. I can do it alone, without help (other than kid watching).  No depending on a team or a group.  I can do it when I have time and I want to.

6. I can pretend to be athletic

7. It validates my oreo’s

8. It is faster than most other exercises, and, if you want to be done faster, run faster!

9. It is portable, I can even run on vacation, its actually extra fun to cruise a new area

10. Running is something I can measure myself against – faster, slower, longer – I get stats and I like stats – and it is entirely based on my work not the work of a team or luck or anything else.  Other than sometimes blaming nasty weather, everything else is just a variable  (like how hills affect my time etc).

Running is just the sport for me.  I hope my body lets me keep doing it for a long time.  I like that if I’m fast or slow I’m still ‘in the game’.  I did field hockey and soccer and you just can’t do that as an adult without massive commitment to a team, if they even exist, and they only run for a season so the rest of the year you are SoL.  Speaking of, its about time for me to get going 🙂

ps.  I want to mention this but other peoples dreams are usually even more dull then lists about why they like to run.  However.  99% of my dreams that I remember are just like my regular life and completely dull.  Better than bad dreams – but – the awesome dreams I have I’m Running, really really fast, like practically flying but I know I’m absolutely running.  I love that feeling and those dreams and in some ways I’m always chasing that dream when I run in real life.


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6 responses to “R – is for Running”

  1. Toni Reyes says :

    #7 that is all 😆


  2. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    The 5ks are a motivator for me to get up to running speed. The hot chocolate 5k this past weekend was really fun. I’m in no way a natural runner though and I don’t remember running a mile under 10 minutes after age 10. ;). It is really admirable that you keep up with a healthy lifestyle and challenge yourself 🙂

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  3. kateluthner79 says :

    Just a few days after writing this I had a tiny window to get in a run, like 15min total before Lars had to leave again. I went 1 single mile and went at it pretty hard so I could get home in time. I expected an 8 min mile but mapmyrun said I had a 4:40 run. OMG. Fastest mile in my life!


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