O – Open door weather

I know three are people out there blogging a theme for the entire alphabet.  I’m just morphing what I would normally write into alphabetical format 🙂  Today I’m going to pretend that that its 3 things thursday because I like the exercise of a list of things that make me happy, and, I’m going to do it with the theme of the letter O.  In clicking around I found an insightful post about the Gratitude movement and how it is galling in many ways.  I tend to agree with some of her points, I’m more of an optimist and a bright side looker rather than ‘at least I’m better than…’ comparison person.  I  think the differences in those are probably subtle but for me, counting the positives really does brighten a situation and that is what 3 things thursday is about for me.

#1 – Open door weather.  Open door, open window, open toes!  It is 72 degrees, sunny, slight breeze and a perfect style day.  Weather does make a difference and I’m so glad the perfect not too hot, not too cold time is here


#2 – Oreo. I try to bake all the treats as a way to cut down on how many I eat.  Oreo’s are a notable exception because I have no idea how I could make one and I love to eat them.  Most days we have a cookie break around 3, post nap – pre bus, and we call someone on facetime to have our cookie break with.  This is so regular that my one nephew calls me Aunt Cookie because he gets a cookie when I call (and maybe I gave him a bunch when I visit).  Oreos have held a special spot over the years but right now they mean taking to my mom or sister and a little sweet break.IMG_5086


#3 – Opinions.  I might forget names but I tend to remember dates and April 17-19 will always be a time I remember the start of the American Revolution.  It was fought for many reasons and the right to have my own opinion is one of them.  The Unites States has evolved in a good way where people feel free, sometimes obligated, to express their opinion on all things.  I like to listen, my mind has been changed, usually I get a better understanding of things and sometimes I get utterly confused on the issue because of too many conflicting yet logical opinions.  Right now cultural appropriation is the one I’m most conflicted on.  Its in the news and on facebook and causing good discussion but I honestly DO NOT KNOW what is right.  For me, in my opinion, if I do something from another culture it is because I like it and it works.  Why do I have to stay in my tiny box?  The world is out there!  There is a youtube on how-to anything from sari draping to polish sausage making.  I don’t particularly identify with being Irish since I grew up in the US in the middle of Long Island where you don’t have to look far to find some other culture/religion.  Things I thought were absolutely normal, like lox on a bagel, are foreign concepts here in the midwest.  Apparently I have a huge chunk of yiddish in my vocabulary that I had NO IDEA was anything but normal slang until I moved here and nobody had a clue.  I’m glad that I have the right to talk and listen, but, it would be honestly easier if there was some ‘decision’ on what was the ‘right’ way (but then someone would be mad I’m sure)


The O words that make me happy, or at least thoughtful, this week~



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