K – is for Kate

K is for Kate!


Hi, the majority of what you need to know about me is in my about section or in the preceding bazillion blog posts.  I do actually hold some stuff back, I know, does not feel like it some days 😉

I grew up in a time and place where the name Kate was nowhere near unique and that never really bothered me that much.  I liked being one of many and differentiating myself with other things.  I found out today that one of my elementary school friends with an AWESOME cool fun name reads all the time so Hi!  So glad to know you read!  Good luck with the Club!  I’m sure she was annoyed sometimes that her name was long or hard to spell and not Jennifer, Jessica or Kate…   In college my roommate was a Kate and my field hockey team could cover every position with a Kate if we wanted to (and we wanted to play off positions).  I like to find Kates in the world.  At one point a neighbor brought us 1000 (not joking on the number) Harlequin romance novels and I read dozens and my selection process was to find ones about Kates.  .

Blogging is a little like getting a 1000 romance novels – so many options and no real way to sort through.  I thought it would be nice for K day to link to all the Kate blogs participating in the A-Z project, share the Kate love~

Diary of an Urban Housewife – not super following the A-Z thing but a fun list of goals and recipes

Writing of Kate Mcintyre – writing about writing but she hurt herself in a foreign country so I hope she is ok

It’s Kates space – looks like she is focusing on gems for this challenge.

When Kate Blogs – Ohh, she is doing the uses of plants for the challenge.  I’m still enjoying the Outlander epic series and she uses so many plants for medicine and household use that I’m more interested than ever.

The Katy – A fellow Katy (with a y) is actually a rare thing and she has some fun posts going on

Those are the 5 blogs with Kate or Katy in the name and I know FOR SURE there are more authors out there named Kate but I’ve been random in my clicks on the whole list and I’ve seen at least 2 other Kates writing.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Kates, there can never be too many!  I need to go parent, there are noises usually associated with baboons coming from upstairs….


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2 responses to “K – is for Kate”

  1. Danielle says :

    Thanks for the links! And I’m all too familiar with the baboon noises. I have 3 wild ones that sound like they belong in the zoo.


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