Finish the story Monday

Its Monday, and K day, but my K post is in the works and I wanted to take a good run at the finish the story prompt.  This week I’m doubling up and doing last weeks prompt too.  If you want to read what other people with the same picture and first phrase did go on over to Finish the Story and check out the list.

“The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.” Neither am I, however, you know like the vase your Mother in Law gave you (but is hideous) isn’t on display….  Well, when the tribal leader of the Yurok people give you a statue because of your positive portrayal of a Native American in a novel; it is 10x worse.  On the bright side, it is a traveling honor, so, as soon as anyone else writes a book where a Native American is awesome – the U-Haul shows up.

It is handy to say “we are the house with the buffalo” because that stands really out in California.  For all their complaints, our neighbors will probably be able to direct their friends by our landmark too.  On top of navigational aid, I also get to brag “yeah, its like the Prince award but for Native American literature”.

On second thought, I’m glad I have them. (145 words)

Here is an excerpt from the novel that won these gems;

Once upon a time in a land far far away were a people who lived in tune with the world.  Our people need to understand that the world changes and we must also change to remain in tune.

This lake, it was once a perfect sheet of glass, reflecting the sky and the birds.  Now it is dead. The water has been diverted for industry.  The fish are dead, the lake is dead but We, We, are Not dead.  We could fight choose to fight for the lake but the lake is merely one byproduct of the current capitalist society.  Can we fight capitalism?  Our grandparents lived and died on reservations because of that fight.  Should we embrace capitalism?  The casino that creates wealth for the nation pulled so many out of poverty but money does not create happiness and casinos create much waste and wickedness.


We must find a way to bind our way, to evolve, to grow in the culture.

That, my son, is why we start this quest.


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12 responses to “Finish the story Monday”

  1. Shivangi says :

    Great clubbing…loved both.


  2. babso2you says :

    Nicely done! I like how you combined the two challenges! Thanks for taking part in the MFtS challenge! I hope that you come back next week… Be well… ^..^


  3. Sonya says :

    Good job on combining the prompts! I like the idea of a travelling novel award 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. patrickprinsloo says :

    From now on I will never write anything good about any group or person; my lawn is too small.


  5. junkersfictioncorner says :

    Excellent dual write! They fit so well together.


  6. John Yeo says :

    What a brilliant pairing of ideas! ~ There is much wisdom buried here ~ I love the way you have seamlessly continued the story 🙂


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