Cee’s Foto Fun – Churches

Hummm, this is so not one I’m going to ‘win’ because while I do think there are gorgeous churches and religious buildings  out there and I’ve seen my fair share I apparently never take good pictures of them.  I combed my archive, always fun for me, and ended up with a few cool ones to share.  I’m sharing them because I had fun finding and picking them, not really because they are super spot on with the theme this week.

I do hope you enjoy anyway 🙂

Zoe and Konrad – the wedding in Tennessee

One of my favorite from our friends wedding. Can’t see much church but it is on campus at the University of St Thomas.

Here is a more theme worthy picture but since churches are also dark, not all that awesome a picture. It is where my cousin got married and is a very very pretty church.

Churches make good backgrounds 😉

And these two I technically get no credit for since our wedding photographer took them but I can’t resist

Wherever I live, I’ll always consider this ‘my’ church (even if it does look like pizza hut from the outside)

Also from our wedding and not even the church we got married in- this is a church at a historic building park and only fits about 20 people inside but I’ve always loved it. The model like man in front is Lars’s frat brother ‘Shoop’ (he got lucky, another brother was name couch… took me years to find their real names)


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