G – Going to go crazy

Today I’m actually NOT feeling that way (anymore) but it has been a close thing the past few weeks.  Who knows why but I constantly feel like I’m not getting enough done.  I do plenty, I just constantly wish there were more hours.  Technically, if everyone has been and were healthy the majority of this feeling would go away because far too much of my time is spent running in booger coated circles.  Fiona likes to scare me with renewed ambition to quit breathing so her basically minor cold turns her into a coughing cranky kid that thankfully responds well to breathing treatments.  Regardless her broken sleep is only made better by me physically holding her upright robbing me of quality sleep too.  Zoe, who also has this cold, just gets MORE ZOEish.  She is louder (probably clogged ears), she gets more whiny (?), and with her sisters needing more attention than average she is more attention seeking.  Niamh actually powers through it best but then dissolves when you least expect it, and, she is just not ‘on’ when she is sick, she is LESS Niamh, going about things more or less normal but just a bit less intense.

On the bright side, the other viruses going around seem far worse with puke and poo and endless gack.  The worst I have is Fiona projectile spewing boogers at 2 am (did you know that was a thing?  I didn’t and I refuse to google it).

So between extra kids a few days, a holiday, a birthday, crankier than average kids in the day, less sleep than I like in the night it all equaled a Ghastly mess in the house and my Greatest desire was to Get out of Dodge.  This morning we made it work, deposited all children on other care providers and I cleaned.  I had the Gratifying experience of creating clean and ordered spaces.  There is more to do but I got a bunch done and then I did a Great job for my social media and that makes me actually feel Good.  All I need now is a Good night sleep but failing that I have coffee and lowered expectations.

I can’t find a Good way to tie this in, but, here is Niamh blowing out her candles – Hope 7 is a good oneIMG_1769


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2 responses to “G – Going to go crazy”

  1. mamalisa4 says :

    we just celebrated my daughters 4th!! Happy birthday!! It was madness with the holiday!! Back to normal Ahh!! 🙂

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