F – Favorite Niamh

When I first thought of what to do with each letter I had outlined using my kids names on the day they come up.  Unlucky Fiona because F day is Niamh’s birthday – I’ll find a way to make N work for Fiona (nevermore?).  In thinking of F words for the day I almost used “Fairy tales do come true” but, her birth was less of a fairy story and more of a fight to the finish. I thought about ‘Friend’ too but while she has the promise of being a good friend to me, she is just 7, and what she needs from me is mothering.  I choose favorite in the end because it is a perfect time to record all her favorites at the moment~

My Niamh is my Favorite Niamh.  I think she might be the favorite Niamh of 99% of the people who know her since it is not what you would call a common name here.  If you’re new to reading here, Niamh is pronounced like ‘Steve’ or ‘leave’ but with an N sound.  I have a cousin in law named Niamh and she is a fine specimen of a person but since she lives in Ireland our interaction is quite limited.  Back to the birthday girl and her favorites~


In honor of her birth today we started the day with her favorite pancakes.  2 pancakes with whipped cream, strawberries, black berries, and sprinkles.  This is an absolute hands down favorite food and a request for all occasions she thinks she can get away with it.  Tonight we are going to her favorite restaurant; Don Julio’s in Forest Lake.  She has loved it there since she was a baby and eats their salsa with a spoon.  Food otherwise for her is hit or miss – she likes humas and pretzel chips or pretzel bread.  Most fruit is fine, will be devoured, but not a favourite – same with candy and cookies but her real favorite in the dessert category is donuts.  Pizza and its radioactive relative pizza rolls are always a winner, as are all chicken nuggets.  She finally eats with far less complaints in general, maybe because she is hungry after all the things she does!


She is getting good at karate and is starting to enjoy it more.  Her friend there makes it tons of fun, plus, once a week Lars lets her get fast food and her pick is always Subway!  Pinning down a ‘best’ friend is hard, she is friends with a good group overall.  First grade is going well, she is a fair reader and well above grade in math.  I went to lunch with her today and all was happy although she is expressing her quintessential social anxiety in new forms by thinking people don’t like her randomly…


At home she is a thoughtful sister and likes to take care of Fiona but she and Zoe play more.  She wants to be the boss and tries to duck responsibility unless she isn’t thinking about it and then she has no problem clearing her plate or putting laundry away.  If it has to do with being in charge she is all over it like she can pack lunch for the family or gather all the swim stuff but asking her to get one towel is like asking her to walk on nails. She still can’t find things well but she has a fantastic memory so, fair trade.


Overall she is doing well at becoming a good person.  At 7, she had plenty of room to grow but she is becoming more herself and good thing, that turns out to be a favorite person of ours.

So, until 10:06pm CST she will be birthday celebrating on unearned time but that won’t stop us from giving her a Fantastic day.

ps. Its her golden birthday meaning she is 7 on the 7th


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