E is for Easter

E for easter how easy is that!  Like they planned it…

Easter and all the religious holidays kinda get me.  I grew up religious, went to church and catholic school, and luckily enough the combo of educated enlightened family AND a progressive intellectual pastor meant that I didn’t run away screaming from the hypocritic nature of the church etc.  Lars… not so much.  He believes in higher power and being a good person but church just does not appeal so as we grew in our life together it has taken a path away from formal religion of any sort.  Long story short, not going to church on a church holiday for me makes the holiday seem like a bit of a failure.  On the other hand, going to church 2x a year with an unwilling husband and shades of unwilling/ignorant/crazy kids is also a failure.  It would be much easier for me if I actually rejected the church or had some real reason for not going but it boils down to me not being strong enough to do it myself (and that bothers me).  So we end up with a mish mash of celebration that makes me feel guilty for doing anything because we are not doing everything.  (My brain is not the most rational place)

On top of that, we are in the situation where we don’t have any family to celebrate with.  Most of our friends have family that they go see on holidays and that leaves us doing it solo and that makes it even harder to ‘do’ it right.  The kids still would prefer a bag of cheetos to any fancy hordoves or food that is not nugget based.  Forcing them into a ‘fancy’ dinner ends up with nobody all that happy so this year we just gave them a regular dinner and we had the most perfect rack of lamb dinner ever when they were in bed.  Friends dropped by for dessert and it really was a good day if I don’t dwell on the parts that didn’t happen.  Seriously, I’m not sad every day that I didn’t win the lotto – I’m happy for what I DO get done in a day.  Just need to get myself to apply that theory to religious holidays.

I am working on getting the girls on board with church, they know prayers and some general outlines and we might go see about the local megga church near by that Niamh has gone to with a friend and she was excited about.  its a slow road of waiting for them to get old enough to understand, and, that I can bring them solo.  I comfort myself that in 20 years I’ll have grown my own full table and hopefully there will be brunches and egg hunts and people to appreciate my love of making bunny shaped cake and .

Easter, regardless of religious meaning, is the time for rebirth of spring and looking forward to all the things to come.  Tomorrow is Niamh’s birthday and nothing says rebirth like a real birth (or 3).  It is a hopeful time of year and I’m glad to be in it~  To that end, here are the positives of Easter

Helping her sister

the egg she made with our friend Andy

we told her to look ‘up’….

when holidays combine – easter egg in christmas tree

yup, St Patrick’s tshirt on easter. no church means no dress…


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One response to “E is for Easter”

  1. susanleighnoble says :

    Hi – Stopping by on the A to Z challenge…yeah, Easter isn’t the same without family around. We are not church goers so we don’t have that taking up our day either. But the kids still had fun.


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