C – Cee’s Fun Foto; Colorful monochrome

I actually saved my submission for this week until C day so I could use Cee and Colorful to their best effect.  My life is very much colorful monochrome.

3 girls = a ton of pink so my first submission is my laundry basket (clean) from Monday.


Next is a piece of art from Zoe.  She tends to work in monochromes and this is just a recent project that I really like.  Its odd, at the same relative age Niamh was very into rainbow patterns and Zoe is into shades of one color at a time.  Zoe also likes rainbow pattern but they don’t blend together, they are very separate stripes for her.


Finally, this is a nightly dish on our table.  Sometimes frozen, sometimes cooked, but they all love peas.  While taking this picture I gave a positive healing thought to a friend that I’m sure is rather friendly with a bag of frozen veggies right about now.


Now I can go see what everyone else submitted!

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5 responses to “C – Cee’s Fun Foto; Colorful monochrome”

  1. Cee Neuner says :

    Such a wonderful post for this week’s entry. Thanks for playing. 🙂


  2. ShawnTe says :

    Creative way to work that in there! Now I want some peas with dinner!


  3. millennialcreativity says :

    Those pictures are so colorful and fun! Thanks for sharing!


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