Bunnies, Besties, Beauty, Baby and Beach

Today I certainly needed a focus on the positive of the week because every single family member, and the cat, woke me up and required me to get out of bed so I started the day on a very very tired foot.

Fortunately we had the day off and fun plans so I was pulled out of my haze for a while.  Now I’m post nap and feel semi human but to show how out of it I was I left my pocketbook and 5 other things at the host house :).

In honor of B day and my normal Thankful Thursday I’m focusing on B things to be grateful for;

We played Easter Bunny with egg dyeing and hunting, all practice for Sunday

IMG_1587 IMG_1549

The weather has turned Beautiful and we have been outside daily – but look at that sky


The Mom’s club has allowed me the opportunity to create such good friendships including Becki who informed me I’m now #2 on her phone for most frequently called


And as I was writing this my sister sent me pictures of me as a Baby on the Beach so I had to toss those in because I’m always happy about where and how I grew up, plus, I look like my kids (or they look like me)


and now I Begin the Balance of my day~


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One response to “Bunnies, Besties, Beauty, Baby and Beach”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    I love your B-themed list! 😀


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