An Absolutely Amazing Alphabetical Attempt

Announcement; Today I start the Alphabet Challenge, 6 days a week I’ll be blogging About A letter A day.  Technically I’ll be wrangling my Average blogs and challenges into Alphabetical order.  Sort of like doubling down on blog challenges.  I did the same thing in college with majors; my major #1 was officially history because Anything in your major #2 could count toward your core credits (16 credits Across All disciplines to make sure you were roundish by the time you left) so Almost all my major #2 credits did double duty and I graduated with A double major.  I’m trying to say; I like to multitask And I think I’m pretty good At it.

If you want to ally with me in this adventure, it isn’t too late!  You can also go here and see who else is Adventuring the Alphabet too.

April, the best and only A month, starts today with the dubious April fools day…  I’m so glad this was not the day Niamh was born since it was her due date…  So far I’ve avoided looking at too much nonsense on the internet, obvious jokes and clever ones are fun but I hate when people have ‘announcements’ that make me believe them and then find out they were jokes.  Marriage, divorce, babies, death, moving etc are not jokes to me!  Instead I went and did my taxes with our local guy and next I plan on going to home depot for the parts I am stalled on for my project.  I hope I can keep the alphabet rolling along and you all amused in general 🙂


ps.  this is not An April fools joke


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2 responses to “An Absolutely Amazing Alphabetical Attempt”

  1. S. L. Hennessy says :

    You’re going to do great! It’s a challenge for sure, but a fun one.

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy


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