Finish the story Monday

Well yesterday was again a super full day.  Because I like to test the bounds of my parent skills, I brought in 3 extra kids for the afternoon and evening.  One needs to keep the 16 month age skill set sharp because you quickly forget that odd stage of silent yet understanding and mobile but very very illogical.  In the end I didn’t get my normal work time but I was happy to have them and happy to help their mom out.  Zoe cried when Amiah left because she is just so happy to see her friend.


Todays (yesterdays) finish the story is very appropriate because we made pizza for all yesterday and the leftovers are still on my mind.  I also made enough dough for another whole pizza that is hanging out in the fridge destined for maybe breadsticks?  Don’t know yet….  Anyway, the prompt for the story is given, as is the picture, but the other 150 words are from my semi sleepy brain (Fiona is in a ‘cover me up!!!’ 3x a night phase)

Pizza anyone?”   Diamond Jack offered the group.  He was happy to see such a fine crowd of authors at his workshop (even if there was a pizza bribe).

“Jack” Mike says, with a bit of cheese on his chin, “I don’t like the political turn you took in the book last week.  I think there is plenty of drama in the conflict diamond and cocaine world you don’t need to add in energy terrorism”.

“I agree” Jack replied “for some reason recently I’ve been writing all sorts of disasters, ever since I got the cool old Underwood, I aim for adventure but I get carried away.”  Jack looks around at his friends and knows they are right and gets out the red pen.   They guys keep talking and eating and reviewing each others recent work.  Jack is smiling as the same old oxford coma debate continues, that is a comfortable level of drama for the night.


If you want to read what other people write about pizza click over to the site and see all the other entries.  I love to see how so many people go in so many directions from the same prompt and picture.

If you want to read more of my stories click the category button (near the date on each post)

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8 responses to “Finish the story Monday”

  1. Priceless Joy says :

    This was a very interesting twist to the photo prompt. I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. milliethom says :

    Clever story. 🙂 I like the way you’ve brought in a few past prompts. And pizza makes all discussions so much more pleasurable, any day. 🙂


  3. babso2you says :

    Nicely done! I like that you reference previous posts! Thanks again for your continuing on with the MFtS challenge! I appreciate it…be well… ^..^


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