Ephemeral – Daily Post photo challenge, and, my word of the week

I’m at a loss today because our plans were suddenly canceled, and, my project is mid project so I am diving into the most recent post photo prompt.  The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

This picture set is from my drive home from Florida at dawn with the mist rising.  Something about mist just screams ephemeral.  I just looked up ephemeral to be sure I got it right in my head because it is spelled so differently then I feel like it should I thought before I looked like an idiot I should double check (plus, writing the same word over and over makes it look wrong somehow).  So; the technical definition is ‘lasting for a very short time’.  I’m semi disappointed in that definition!  To me it is the word that describes the beautiful and mysterious and only half seen but a positive lovely thing.  By this definition boogers are ephemeral, so is poop in the toilet! A cup of coffee, lovely in its own way, is too mundane for my definate of ephemeral but it is something that only lasts a short time, sometimes a much too short time…

I’m going to keep my extra criteria for ephemeral because there should be a word that means both short lived and beautiful.


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2 responses to “Ephemeral – Daily Post photo challenge, and, my word of the week”

  1. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Oh – I think that a cup of coffee counts 😉


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