Birthing season

Just like the lambs and chicks born in spring, so are ALL MY KIDS.  This totally seemed like a good idea at the time, stacking all the birthdays as FAR away from Christmas as possible but there was a flaw in my plan; I have 3 kid birthdays in under 60 days.

On top of that, somehow April just sneaks up on me, its in two weeks?!? what?  My first baby will be 7 way too soon…  Fortunately for me she is cool with her friend party being after her birthday to accomidate one particular friend so I have a few weeks grace.  The negative is that she wants to invite all but 3 kids in her class and 4 friends from preschool that she is still good friends with equaling 30 kids.  Can I fit 30 kids in my house?  I’m thinking no… Now I look for a place – googlegooglegoolge GASP, wow, for like $500 I can have a 1.5h party at a variety of places.

So – anyone out there have a brilliant idea that will accommodate a horde of 7 year olds?  It is also her ‘golden’ birthday so I would love to integrate that too…  After Niamh, Zoe is a much easier crew but they will all be 5 and Fiona really does not have friends yet so she will be placated with cake on her birthday.

Blah, I have a headache already but I do look forward to my time with Pinterest 😉

**this is me 7 years ago**

37 weeks


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4 responses to “Birthing season”

  1. Becky says :

    When Sophia was that age we rented a pavilion at a local park and did a 2:00-4:00pm party with cake, fruit, and punch. 2 hours was plenty of time for running around, presents, cake and done.


  2. mamalisa4 says :

    I too have had three of my children in just about 60 days of each other. However, this was not planned. Its chaos. I have no brilliant idea except to go on pinterest and get them involved in a craft. My second oldest just turned seven last week, my youngest will be four this week and #3 will be six a few weeks thereafter. Oh and its Easter! EEEK!!!!


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