Weathered Wood – Cee’s Fun Foto

I wish I was near my parents house since my dad has a hoarder level pile of wood in various ages.  He has a good reason, he turns chunks of wood into pretty objects


My artist friend is on the handicapped spectrum and while spry(ish) he does not get out and about the way I do so I supply him with a steady stream of pictures for him to turn into art.  I’m a fan in general of art and challenges of any type spark my interest so I’m always on the lookout for barns for him, so much so that my kids now point them out for me!  Its like roadtrip bingo but with a purpose.


It is hard to pick just a few but here are some fun barn wood from the highways and byways of the central united states for this weeks Cee’s Challenge Foto

barn at the pumpkin farm


between here and NY route 80

FL sun does nothing good for a bench

if you have something to add to make the world more fun, link it up!


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2 responses to “Weathered Wood – Cee’s Fun Foto”

  1. Cee Neuner says :

    I really like all your photos this week. I think (hard to decide) I like the first one best because of the shadows and texture.


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