Monday finish the story

Again my Monday slid into Tuesday, thats the way it goes.  This weeks flash fiction is a personally terrifying picture, you could not pay me to get in a raft in a river and even looking at the picture too long gives me anxiety.  Thus the challenge of fiction!  The first line is provided the remaining 150 words are my creation~

“When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.”   Unfortunately for a few standing in just the wrong place mid dam the only option was the dubious drop into the river.  They were there on routine inspection, it should have been simple job but pulling up to the site they saw the picketing crowd and the anti-nuclear power logos splashed on posterboard.

The timer was wrong.

The bomb should have only hurt cement.

The goal was to flood the nearby power plant

The flood did not even go the right way; the plant was uphill, well away from possible high water marks.  The water poured into the state park, a wilderness of rocks and trees.

Two men from the team were rescued from the debris and swirling water by five other men willing to risk their own lives to raft the unknown river.

The others were found when the water receded.

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7 responses to “Monday finish the story”

  1. babso2you says :

    Is this a case of poor planning? Well done Katy! Thanks again for joining in on the MFtS challenge, and I hope that you return next week… Be well my friend! ^..^


  2. Francesca Smith says :

    I agree with Barbara, it does seem like very poor planning.
    The short sentences work well in this story, to me, it gives the impression of a state of shock.


  3. milliethom says :

    So many things went wrong in this operation … even the direction of the floodwaters. Oh dear. And whoever organised the picket lines had definitely not thought things through.The sad ending was only to be expected after so many blunders. Nicely done. 🙂


  4. rogershipp says :

    Whoops? Talk about reverse engineering? Nice read.


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