How was your weekend? Mine was full of germs, hospital, and cranky kids

Friday morning I swear to you I was daydreaming of my upcoming unplanned weekend that was supposed to have decent weather and my goal of spring cleaning.  Purging things, cleaning things, getting things in order….  Fiona had a cranky night Thursday, up a few times in the night, and I was definitely tired so I went through the motions of the day banking on doing all the good cleaning on Saturday.  Friday night the cranky turned up to ballistic and she did not sleep for more than 15 min at a shot.  We roamed the house I tried all the ‘normal’ things like vicks, allergy med, steamy shower, 2 min on the porch to chill her (not in this order btw) but she was just a sack of sad baby and around 4 am I made this video to show the doctor because I KNEW she would have zero symptoms by morning so I needed proof.

Note to the non medically trained parents – apparently if your child sounds like this you should go to the ER asap but untrained me waited until morning clinging to the hope that it was a ‘night thing’.  By morning she was still just a puddle and I scooped her up, grabbed my ‘mom bag’, and went to the ER.  I was expecting a breathing treatment and a few hours in the ER so when they told me they wanted her overnight I was shocked.  The breathing treatment did wonders in that she fell asleep and slept on me for an hour and a half.  We were admitted and over the next 12 hours had 4 more treatments and by morning she was just regular crabby instead of a pile of pathetic.   On the bright side, she has RSV, not that is has an easy cure but it isn’t a chronic thing and it is a virus so it will just get better in a few days.  They kept us just in case it got worse and she needed oxygen and thankfully she didn’t ever get that bad.


please note the clock…. 3am is not a cool time for a frozen treat


that thing in the background is the ‘crib’. Not terrifying at all….




In the back of my mind I knew she was not ‘that bad’ because they kept us at our regional hospital and did not send us to the high end children’s hospital in the cities.  I know they are not shy about sending really sick kids immediately away so staying was less scary than if they dialed up the ambulance.  The negative of being in a regional hospital that punts kids to Childrens regularly  is that they are not set up for kids.  There is a ‘crib’ but it was more of a baby cage that Fiona absolutely refused to go near so she spent the night with me in the parent bed.  Yippie!  The parent bed did have a side rail but it was full of buttons and so as she kicked them all night we had a fun carnival ride experience.  Sometimes she somehow hit the button that turned on the TV and the overhead lights – March madness is really not interesting to me.  The night was far better than the previous but not good either.  The nurses are also not kid savvy, they decided they needed vitals at 3 am and totally woke her up and she wouldn’t even let them touch her so it was all for nothing.  The room was not intended for a short person, she fell climbing onto the bed, she had to scale the toilet, I did get them to bring a stool but there was no hope she could reach the soap or paper towels and no child sized gowns so I and glad I asked for more pj’s.  By 6am we were ready to go home but it took hours to get a DR to give us the ok and that ended with a prescription for a nebulizer they ‘sent downstairs so I didn’thave to make another trip’ and I hauled our stuff and Fiona over to the pharmacy to see it completely closed and not going to open until noon.  Fine.  good thing it is close!


I slept, Lars parented, at 1 I went and got the machine and found they only gave us a set of the medicines not the hypotonic saline they were recommending and I was not dealing with them anymore so I made Lars prove his chemical engineering degree and he made us a .04% solution after I fould salt with no additives (not easy) and distilled water.  After a crazy weekend of bad hospital food Fiona and I and stressed-dad food for Niamh and Zoe nobody was feeling great in the tummy so to cap off the weekend; Niamh pukes and Zoe super poops.  Hurray! Everyone stays home on Monday!  Some days I am very very glad I am a stay at home mom.


Today was not the Monday I planned but the whole weekend was not either so I’m catching up regardless.  Seems to be how things are these days, crazy things then catching up!  Overall the weekend stunk like bad cheese but I’m very glad that it was really such a minor thing overall and that I am lucky enough that she is healthy enough to fight it off now.


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2 responses to “How was your weekend? Mine was full of germs, hospital, and cranky kids”

  1. Beth says :

    I’m very glad it wasn’t bad enough to get her sent to St. Paul’s Children’s, but they are really nice there. They have colorful ceilings to look at from bed and the nurses don’t even turn on more than the night lights to check vitals. I hope everyone recovers quickly.


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