Three things Thursday

This week I feel like we ‘lost’ monday to recovery, Tuesday we did ‘all the things’ and had a marathon of errands AND the library. Wednesday the work was done and today I had no plan so we went to the park.  My 3 things are very mundane but meaningful to me

made the bread dough – I love the 5 min bread book, comes out great and seriously only takes 5 mins plus cooking time.  This ‘vat’ is about 6 loaves of bread.


Today we walked to the park for the first time of the year.  Still needed a coat but didn’t need a snow suit!


Finally, while I don’t like the jack-in-the-box phase of bedtime, you can’t resist footie PJ’s and a teddy.


I’m glad to add to the happy in the universe with this prompt from Nerd the brain

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2 responses to “Three things Thursday”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    I love those pajamas! 😀


  2. Mary Daniels Brown says :

    MUNDANE happy things are the best!


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