I have a stalker in my pocket?!?

Last month I upgraded from my beloved 4s to a 6 and wow now I can’t go back.  You never really get rid of a phone, they get passed down to children or knock around in drawers but like the Shakespeare quote “bloodless remnant of thy royal blood” the spark is gone from the phone now replaced (yes… I memorized all of Queen Ann’s soliloquy in Richard III and the majority is STILL taking up space in my head)  The iPhone 6 is a whole size larger and many times OS newer and personally I like the change to OS8 and I’m ok with the size change.

Poking around on the new phone I noticed an app labeled ‘health’ and more or less ignored it since I supposed it would link to a fitbit or fuel.  I did really really like my fitbit but it is lost somewhere in my house and I tried to find it using the location techniques but never narrowed in.  Moving on from fitbit was a bit hard because not only was it a gift that I appreciated and had even requested, I LOVED the stats.  I didn’t like remembering to put it on and apparently I was unable to keep track of the wee thing (smaller than a machbox car).  Every so often I think about getting a new one but then I don’t and you  know how that goes.

On vacation, because I had next to no internet, I had down time to play around with my phone and opened up that mystery ‘health’ ap.  Wow-oh-wow my phone actually IS a FITBIT without the issues of losing it or forgetting to put it on because I love and use my phone often, and, it is the size of a healthy serving of meat.  The bright side is that it has been tracking my steps and stairs and runs for over a month.  The not so bright side…. I had no idea it was literally recording my every step….

I am sure I’m not the first person to discover this app since the phone and OS has been out for a while but just in case you didn’t know, your iPhone with OS8 is recording recording recording.

Bottom line, I am glad to have it tracking stats I’m interested in.  Even with the number of times I leave my phone on the table while doing things I walk a good amount a day, averaging nearly 3k without trying and that is just time I have my phone on me.  I’ll have to try and keep it with me more to see how I really do now that I know it exists!


Ps. it still can’t count small flights of stairs, just like all other trackers.  I go up and down short flights in my split level house constantly but never get credit for more than 4 or 5 a day.


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