3 happy things 3/5

My weekly pleasure to pick just 3 happy things.


Thing 1 is from my dad – his yacht club has combined their favorite sport of sailing with his other favorite sport of skiing and ta da!  Ice sailing!  Someone also got pretty creative with flying cameras so it is a cool video (my dad is the one with the all red suit and the epic mustache) and I love the music.  Dad, who did this video, they need credit!

Fullscreen capture 352015 101630 AM.bmp

Sayville yacht club ice sailing



Thing 2

all this stuff


got into this car and there is still room for people (yes… that is a potty….)


Thing 3 – Keep up the good work Orlando!

IMG_3949 IMG_3950


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One response to “3 happy things 3/5”

  1. Paul says :

    Video was edited by Ryan Behan


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