a Sham TV post

I’m taking a break from packing because the next step is cleaning and who am I kidding, I’m leaving Lars here so my expectations for clean house upon my return do not merit manic cleaning efforts today….  So, TV, my main source of entertainment, has 2 shows that are so bad I have to mock publically so hopefully their producers see it and fix the atrocity.

#1. Repeat after Me  – This show is funny in a laugh at the stupid thing way, but, I have NO IDEA WHY any of these celebrities are doing it.  The ‘normal’ hidden camera show is funny because of the reactions from the people but so far in two episodes most of the people have been generally polite and nonplussed.  I think having a known celebrity in the room makes all their crazy semi-acceptable because we all believe they are all semi crazy anyway….  I can’t enjoy the show without thinking about why it is even happening (and I happily watch celebrity apprentice and enjoy it! so my bar is not high).  Are the celebrities working off community service?  Does Wendy McLendon-Covey have deep dark secrets on these people?

– cringing worst part – they keep marveling at how well everyone says the lines…. DUDE they are all actors(ess) their JOB is to say lines other people wrote!  This probably isn’t even the silliest thing they ever were directed to say or do!

– My Fix – All they have to do for me to buy in is say that if they ‘pull it off’ they get $x,000 to a charity and I’ll be happy.  Then I can laugh and not worry that Wendy might have Ushers puppy held hostage…

*to her credit, Wendy is very funny and if that is all improv I would be very very impressed.

#2 Framework – A pressure cooker reality show about building furniture.  My sister told me about this and it is something I can’t stop watching because it is a total train wreck.  I have a feeling the producers are all biting nails because this can not be how they planned it….  First there is the general issue of trying to find diversity, and they did try hard, however that is not doing anyone any favors because there was a clear line of skill that was apparently ignored to try and round out the demographic (or, there were so few people willing to do the show they got what they got).  Second, a speed based show where they get a day to make something that usually takes weeks where they are using power tools is asking for trouble.  One guy refused to speed up because he already nearly lost a finger (he is now eliminated due to inability to finish stuff).  Um… speed and power tools don’t mix.  The only way they could go worse is if they had a challenge that to get an exotic wood or special ability they had to chug a beer.

-cringing worst part – there are really so many but the fact that they CONSISTENTLY say the WEAKEST player and/or piece will be eliminated kills me.  I imagine big piles of weights balanced on each piece or getting the contestants to pull sled dog tractor pull style.

– My Fix – more unconventional materials if you want a challenge, and give them a few days…?  I don’t know, I doubt really there will be a second season to fix because this one must be so insanely expensive given the amount of teak these guys go through, not to mention the logs of redwood etc.

I’m still watching because the top few guys are really and truly talented and I want to see who wins so I suppose they did succeed in creating enough interest for me to stick with it although I’m 100% not the demo Spike network was going for…


It feels good to get that out there.  Feel free to weigh in if you agree or disagree, I’m interested to know if you are watching them too.


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