Monday story time 3/2

This week we got a more than just a picture and a sentence for our 150 word flash fiction challenge, we also got a bit of a tip that this frog is connected to the famous Mark Twain.   According to the challenge leader; “This marker is significant in that it features Mark Twain’s character Jim Smiley, and a jumping frog, Dan’l Webster!”  So no space alien frog story this week…

When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!  Old Smiley, die hard betting man, this spot of pavement made a perfect place for Diamond Jack to generate some juice.  When the words wouldn’t flow Jim set up a three card monte game near that famous frog.  Diamond didn’t technically need to work, he had royalties,  savings from the days in the majors,  and, bank because he “bet” well on the market (and everything else).  This hussle  was simply to get his blood moving.

True to the Smiley way, he never cheated – the Lady was always there. That didn’t stop people from being sore losers…  Mad people made great character fodder but the good losers; they got a card that said “mail me a postcard” and if they did they got a $20 bill in return mail. Giving away money tended to attract it back, plus, its fun and that is what life is for.

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7 responses to “Monday story time 3/2”

  1. babso2you says :

    Such a lovely little tale! Thank you Katy for participating! See you next week? I hope so! Be well… ^..^


  2. Priceless Joy says :

    What a wonderful story! I thought we left ol Diamond Jim three weeks ago! haha!


  3. John Yeo says :

    An effective method of writing practise that grows easiier as you press on ~ A very interesting gambler who gives the lady’s money away 🙂

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