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Finish the story Monday

Well yesterday was again a super full day.  Because I like to test the bounds of my parent skills, I brought in 3 extra kids for the afternoon and evening.  One needs to keep the 16 month age skill set sharp because you quickly forget that odd stage of silent yet understanding and mobile but very very illogical.  In the end I didn’t get my normal work time but I was happy to have them and happy to help their mom out.  Zoe cried when Amiah left because she is just so happy to see her friend.


Todays (yesterdays) finish the story is very appropriate because we made pizza for all yesterday and the leftovers are still on my mind.  I also made enough dough for another whole pizza that is hanging out in the fridge destined for maybe breadsticks?  Don’t know yet….  Anyway, the prompt for the story is given, as is the picture, but the other 150 words are from my semi sleepy brain (Fiona is in a ‘cover me up!!!’ 3x a night phase)

Pizza anyone?”   Diamond Jack offered the group.  He was happy to see such a fine crowd of authors at his workshop (even if there was a pizza bribe).

“Jack” Mike says, with a bit of cheese on his chin, “I don’t like the political turn you took in the book last week.  I think there is plenty of drama in the conflict diamond and cocaine world you don’t need to add in energy terrorism”.

“I agree” Jack replied “for some reason recently I’ve been writing all sorts of disasters, ever since I got the cool old Underwood, I aim for adventure but I get carried away.”  Jack looks around at his friends and knows they are right and gets out the red pen.   They guys keep talking and eating and reviewing each others recent work.  Jack is smiling as the same old oxford coma debate continues, that is a comfortable level of drama for the night.


If you want to read what other people write about pizza click over to the site and see all the other entries.  I love to see how so many people go in so many directions from the same prompt and picture.

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Creative Blogger Award

Woo Hoo!  I got an internet award 🙂  I’m on fire!  First the abstract photo, now this – someday I might quit my day job (Oh what?  I did quit the quit-able one… quitting this would technically mean going to work in an office?  Never mind, I’m staying)

Seriously though, it is always nice to know that people read and care to give me cookies for my efforts.  I love every comment and every like.  My world is very Pavlov based with my smile getting bigger every time my phone *dings!* with a new like after I publish something.  Keeps me writing and looking for other people to read and new challenges to do – just like Mr Pavlov predicted…

So here are the ‘rules’ of this award;

The Rules

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

Number 1 is daunting, I’ll do that last –

#2 – I was nominated by The Real Mom of Long Island and she is a recent reader and fantastic commenter – I also read her not only because she is fun but because I am also from Long Island but she can keep the title of “mom” of LI because I became a mom here in MN.  Thank you Thank you Lisa for your nomination and your comments and making the internet a fun nice place to be.

#3 – 5 facts… Well with 10+ years here online I’m not sure what I’ve held back (that I’m willing to share in general) so here are some basics new people might not know~

– I grew up on Long Island New York.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in but I moved away when I was 17 (college) and other then visits/summer have really not lived on Long Island since.

– I’m the oldest of 3 girls

– I’m the oldest of all the grandkids on my mom’s side too so I think that makes me a super oldest child.

– At one point I was aiming at Law School but decided against it after a summer working at a law firm when every single day one or more lawyers came out of their office to specifically tell me to ‘save myself now’ ‘don’t do this’ ‘get out before your in debt’ or my favorite ‘I wish I worked at Dairy Queen’

– I like pink

So those are my facts, I think there are way more than 5 in there and since I’m burning nap time here are some nominations; They are all from my time on the Bloggie awards and while most of them didn’t win, I nominated them and I like them!  Lets bring this award international~

Ephemeral – Daily Post photo challenge, and, my word of the week

I’m at a loss today because our plans were suddenly canceled, and, my project is mid project so I am diving into the most recent post photo prompt.  The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

This picture set is from my drive home from Florida at dawn with the mist rising.  Something about mist just screams ephemeral.  I just looked up ephemeral to be sure I got it right in my head because it is spelled so differently then I feel like it should I thought before I looked like an idiot I should double check (plus, writing the same word over and over makes it look wrong somehow).  So; the technical definition is ‘lasting for a very short time’.  I’m semi disappointed in that definition!  To me it is the word that describes the beautiful and mysterious and only half seen but a positive lovely thing.  By this definition boogers are ephemeral, so is poop in the toilet! A cup of coffee, lovely in its own way, is too mundane for my definate of ephemeral but it is something that only lasts a short time, sometimes a much too short time…

I’m going to keep my extra criteria for ephemeral because there should be a word that means both short lived and beautiful.

What is it about a clear counter

always instantly attracts stuff… Sometimes even bunnies. 

Three Things Thursday

I went to the gym today so it felt like Friday- I really do just have a passing regard for days and dates and time…  Anyway! I eventually remembered it was Thursday and here are my three things for the week;

The EMPTY weight room.  I love working out alone.  I do enjoy company now and then but I don’t like anyone getting in my way so it was grand to see the vast emptiness all for me.  (even lasted a bit)


Monday I played home school with my kids and Niamh made a very good graph.  She seems to have a good math brain in there and I’m trying to keep it fun for her.  The only kooky graph thing she did was try and put a 0 at the first tick mark…  we straightened things out


and 3 – the fact that #3 is home and healthy and loving to do mass puzzles.  She actually dumps all the puzzles and then does them by fishing out a piece and putting it in the puzzle it belongs to.  Funny little girl.


*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*


Birthing season

Just like the lambs and chicks born in spring, so are ALL MY KIDS.  This totally seemed like a good idea at the time, stacking all the birthdays as FAR away from Christmas as possible but there was a flaw in my plan; I have 3 kid birthdays in under 60 days.

On top of that, somehow April just sneaks up on me, its in two weeks?!? what?  My first baby will be 7 way too soon…  Fortunately for me she is cool with her friend party being after her birthday to accomidate one particular friend so I have a few weeks grace.  The negative is that she wants to invite all but 3 kids in her class and 4 friends from preschool that she is still good friends with equaling 30 kids.  Can I fit 30 kids in my house?  I’m thinking no… Now I look for a place – googlegooglegoolge GASP, wow, for like $500 I can have a 1.5h party at a variety of places.

So – anyone out there have a brilliant idea that will accommodate a horde of 7 year olds?  It is also her ‘golden’ birthday so I would love to integrate that too…  After Niamh, Zoe is a much easier crew but they will all be 5 and Fiona really does not have friends yet so she will be placated with cake on her birthday.

Blah, I have a headache already but I do look forward to my time with Pinterest 😉

**this is me 7 years ago**

37 weeks