Three Thursday Things

Yesterday I did a solo picture of Zebra and yesterday night I added to it with this one I call Zebra and Girl (since his ‘name’ is zebra to her, I’m sure her name to him is girl)



Today I spent a massive amount of time making my kitchen floor clean.  I took a picture so it will last longer….  I love the look of a clean floor and maybe someday people will take off snow boots, eat over their plates, and stop dripping things. (good thing I took a picture to hold me over til then)


And these crazy crystal window crayons are awesome.  They clean up super easily, they make funky snowflake style designs all by themselves and while I’m standing at the back door watching them play in the snow I have something to keep me busy.  Oh yeah, they also like drawing with them too….



This inspiration for a post from the nice lady at Nerd the Brain


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5 responses to “Three Thursday Things”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    Isn’t a clean kitchen floor just the nicest feeling? 🙂 I love your pictures (those crayons must be amazing!)…and that you’ve joined the Three Things Thursday fun. 😀


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