The hard sell

I know sales tactics.  I’ve done some, I’ve ignored plenty and we have fallen for some.  Lars is the soft touch, he loves the shiny exciting possibilities!  Ask me about our pans…. they are wonderful and better last 50years.  (to their credit they are good and have lasted 10 so only 40 to go)


Recently we went to the AT&T store to upgrade my phone.  Just that!  All kids were with us… ok AT&T store, why don’t you have anything to amuse kids?  The Volvo dealership hands them an iPad, shows them to a room full of toys, hands them a drink and a balloon on the way out.  I expect at least as good as the bank or the vet who has a small corner with some toys.  Well then, how about they just all play with your display models with no cases!  While I am trying to make sure no destruction happens they talk to us about a new security service “digital life”.  Sounds interesting, sure, I’ll hear about it.  Sign up for a consult today to qualify for a free installation?  Ok…. I guess, I can’t concentrate on details now so later would be good.  Then they call over another sales guy who starts telling us about how much he loves it – Awesome – glad you like it dude.  Next they are handing us forms and scheduling installation and Lars is signing with that pots and pan buying smile.  HUH?!?  That was our consultation?!?  Kids climbing the walls so we leave, at least I got my phone.


We leave with a 1 page summary of what the service is.  I get more information about sea creatures on the back of my cereal box then I would get from this sales flyer.  Mental note, call and get more info.  Well, I do that, it went badly to say the least.  They are full of nonsense.  They told me nothing, they actually told me to go back to the store!  No thanks!


I’ve read my email, read a few blogs, arranged the apps on my desktop and written this, all while on hold trying to officially cancel because obviously the service people are not the bill people.  So, buyer beware, the ATT digital life might be awesome but I can’t find any info to support that and their service group can’t explain anything and I just got hung up on after 40 min on hold!


Mad.  Hulk Mom go Smash their store!  I’m taking the kids for ice cream and then going to the store to let them roam free while I cancel in person!


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2 responses to “The hard sell”

  1. Journeywoman says :

    I am not a fan of AT& T however since I am grandfathered in for their unlimited data–I will be staying with them. Sorry for the bad experience.


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