I have Fiona wired now to go work out on Friday.  Her little internal clock tells her around 9:15 to start packing lunch and today was no different except we went to work out yesterday and today we went to a local town playgroup.  I let her pack her lunch, why try and override such useful programming, and she didn’t even notice when I left it behind.

My routines are as set in my mind too, but, change is the only constant and our Fridays have been on their ear for about a year with changes in our friends lives that we often see (saw?) on Fridays.  I miss what I used to do but I’m sure things will evolve again, like the weather, if you don’t like it just wait 10 minutes 🙂

The town playgroup is something I basically forgot about and I actually prepaid for 5 visits so I have money in the bank still.  It is a combo of fun and uncomfortable.  There is a TON of stuff for the kids and crafts all laid out and 1/2 the time in the indoor gym and 1/2 the time in the classroom with mostly free play but some group songs.  The uncomfortable part is all the moms you semi recognize milling around.  I know if I went regularly I would know more people but I look at the little groups of moms that do know each other chatting together and feel like I don’t belong….  I do, I belong as much as anyone, I just need to talk to others and its always been just fine.  I’ve seldom found a rude or mean person out and about (so either they stay home, don’t exist, or I don’t notice) – score 1 for the mid west.  I don’t have anywhere near the equal experience with NY but when I’m there for a month each year I inevitably run into someone rude or nasty  at least once in that time.  Playgroup is also only 1 hour and feels a tad rushed but timing is good and we need to get home for lunch anyway.


she went directly to this wall and was up it like a monkey!


The same town group that runs this play group also runs the preschool Zoe is in.  Zoe is apparently famous and memorable because one of the teachers heard me mention Zoe to another mom and asked me if I was “Zoe’s mom” but she said it with hand motions and references to the bracelets Zoe wears etc.  She does make an impression!  Good to know that according to this teacher, who is actually a special ed specialist and in Zoe’s class to help a particular child, Zoe really ‘gets it’ and when you talk to her she completely understands, much better maturity than your average 4 year old.  Always nice to hear something so positive out of the blue.

Anyway!  ramble ramble that was my morning and now I’m waiting on Fiona to actually go to sleep so I can take a rest too.  With 4 other people and a cat in the house my chances of having a full nights sleep are less than 50%.  I have to wait on sounds of sleep (monitor) otherwise she knows I’m not watching and will go get into trouble and paint the cat and eat all the candy.  I do start getting punch drunk with tired though, good thing some days I get naps and Lars does not care if everything is neat and tidy (ps. it isn’t)


Oh! I hear silence!  time for my nap 🙂


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2 responses to “Friday”

  1. Jamie says :

    Navigating play group relationships and no sleep with two little guys and two dogs in the house. Sounds like my house:) Happy ICLW


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