3 things 2/19

I am very happy for my new phone case, moving sparkles and stars are infinitely amusing to everyone.





I’m not positive about it quite yet but I’m glad I cut my hair.  I needed a change of pace and it was getting heavy to keep my hair up all the time


And looking back on the week so far I had a super fun time with the two little girls out and about, we even had lunch.  Was not a perfect day because we lost a favorite hat 😦 and missed a sale because we didn’t get to the store but on the bright side, I can trust them to not be heathen monkeys in a public restaurant.



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6 responses to “3 things 2/19”

  1. betternotbroken says :

    I love that phone case! I am going to look for one, you inspired me. Thank you!

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  2. Hellbilly Mama says :

    The phone case is great, I’ve never seen one like that before. I might have to buy one for my daughter.


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