Follow ups

With all the new challenges and things I have less time to write chatty posts that include follow ups so sorry if this is confusing for new readers but….

1. Potty training – Fiona is now fully capable but 100% unwilling.  I think we missed the easy window and now we have to wait her out.  She will use the toilet in all new and fun places so ask me where the bathroom is in ANY PLACE EVER because I’ve seen them all.  She will also go on command in order to get to go into the hot tub or swimming pool, or, in order to get a chocolate chip.  I know this won’t be forever but it is getting old.  She is now officially taking the longest of all 3.


2. Other Kate(s).  AU Kate has been pretty quiet lately except once she emailed me something she intended to mail to herself~ However, I have a Kate in WI getting comcast cable installed and I have all her appointment data.  Another Kate is getting a survey on how she likes a program she probably never uses since my email is attached to it.  I somehow got signed up for JET (a wholesale buying thing) that isn’t even live but a Kate out there was a beta and now I’m ranked and getting a free membership…  The majority of all these are in the past week!


3. Pantry – wonderful addition to our house!  We use it daily at least 🙂  I still need to take pictures and there are a few things I might rearrange long term but after all that work it is totally worth it.


4. Other building/remodel – semi officially on hold until we figure it out


5. Sewing – top hits to this site are for my how-to’s and I’ve been not sewing much but soon I’ll be breaking it out again and finishing some WIP that got put away for the holiday season.  I also have a post half done on how-to SheRa


6. Bread – I’m still baking all our bread and recently moved over to a new technique for ‘5 minute bread’ and the results are tasty


7. Workout – everything in constant change about when and how but I get at least 3 cardio and 1 strength in a week.


8. washing machine – still awesome and still something Fiona will watch for a solid 5min


9. writing a novel – need to do that…. on the list


10. blogging more – promised I would and I feel like I’m doing it.  Thank you all for reading 🙂


Am I missing anything?  Any loose ends you want to know what happened to?  No births or deaths or major changes to report so here is a picture of a fun new game we just started playing~  It is a total logic ‘clue’ style game but way faster and easier and more fun than clue 🙂



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2 responses to “Follow ups”

  1. Journeywoman says :

    We are in the middle of Potty Training. We do it when she thinks of it. It is not easy.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I’m giving it a pause until after our vacation in 3 weeks. Nothing says ‘cross country road trip’ like frequent potty stops and potential accidents. Good luck to you because better then 50% is luck!


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