Valentines day – home edition

Niamh came home from school saying that she had to ‘take pictures’ for her teacher.  I have no idea if this was completely in Niamh’s mind, or, the teacher said something of the sort and Niamh took it as a real request.  I wish she had this type of zeal for reading….  side note, she did ask about times tables so I went over the easy ones and she is a fan.  I blame her father….


Anyway, real valentines day was yesterday but it was not super traditional.

Started out with heart shaped pancakes


We had decorations


There was also company for the day so his mom could work


We did more decorating with cool crystal markers on the window


Most of the day the kids played and I did little things – no pictures, it was mostly minecraft anyway


Pictures more or less end for the day overall because Becki came back from work and instead of just collecting her son, she collected ALL THE KIDS!!!  It was wonderful.  Having a babysitter is very nice in general but then you have to leave, a babysitter taking the kids AWAY is 100x better.  We relaxed and went to target and getting ready for target was like this;

“Hey, I want to check something at Target, want to go?”


::put on own shoes and coat::

:: Leave::

Anyone with kids knows the normal way of going to target requires 97 more steps.


We tested our luck with a walk in at a restaurant in town and got right in.  Dinner was an adventure since we got the sample tray and now I know that I don’t like their steak, pork chop, or prime rib and I do like the ribs.  Home and hot tub and then off to retrieve the kids.  They were having a blast and all went to sleep once we tucked them in.  They loved their ‘party’ as much as we liked our time and much more than I liked the dinner…

It was mostly unplanned but the best days start out that way.  Niamh’s teacher, if you’re still reading, Niamh says “Happy Valentines day!”




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