Weekly doodle – Love

Celebrating Valentines day here so Love is a fitting doodle title.


Jen the Artist (happy birthday!) sponsors this weekly fun but there are not a lot of participants so I’m going to challenge a few people to post a doodle in the next 3 days.  Any doodle on the theme of love, no skill needed, just want to share the fun 🙂



Mrs Nerd from my Thursday challenge

Miss Zoot who has been doodling a lot lately according to instagram

and a new blog I found while researching the Bloggies; Alison

AND YOU – if you are reading get a napkin or the back of an envelope and doodle a love doodle!  Link it back so we can all see.


Happy Valentines day!  more on our day later~




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2 responses to “Weekly doodle – Love”

  1. Jen the Artist says :

    Thank you for the birthday wishes and for wrangling in more potential doodlers! It really is a lot of fun 🙂 I hope your Valentines Day was a fantastic one!


  2. Jen the Artist says :

    Hello Kate, I wanted to let you know that I’ve had to move the weekly doodle challenge to our new location.

    The week’s theme can be found here: https://www.playfullyrefined.com/blog/weekly-doodle-celebration

    I have really enjoyed your doodles 🙂 I hope you’ll continue following us at our new spot and sharing your fun interpretations!

    All my best,


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