Monday Finish the Story

Last week was so fun so I am joining in again!   The Picture below, by Barbara Beacham, and the first line of the story (in italics) are what we have (and have to) use for our 150 word story for the Monday challenge.  Nice exercise for a bright monday morning, and, it is very cool that so many fellow participants came by and commented last week.


Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.  Fool Lake seemed a fitting name since her Fool Husband dragged her out here to deal with a tiny little snake then promptly, yet politely, asked her to leave so he could write.

She didn’t have much going on this weekend anyway.  The kids at summer camp and her plan had been to try to relax.  Fishing was a new adventure and Clare tried to try new things as often as possible, relaxing was never top of the list.  Last endeavor was life drawing but dreams of a hunky model were dashed when a hairy fat man dropped his robe and perched on the stool.  After that encounter, fish guts and hooks were not daunting.

The man at the market rented her the gear and set her up and was a dock away if she needed anything.  Clare’s mind drifted back to when she met Diamond Jack… This reminded her of then somehow.


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10 responses to “Monday Finish the Story”

  1. R. Todd says :

    Diamond Jack.. do I pick up a call back?


  2. summerstommy2 says :

    Nice how you linked back to last week’s prompt. There is a lovely gentleness about your writing.


  3. babso2you says :

    You wove your story well! I also like how you brought Diamond Jack back into the mix! Thank you for participating again! See you next week? I hope so! Be well…. ^..^


  4. Priceless Joy says :

    You and another person linked today’s challenge with the last challenge. Very interesting! I had to laugh at the image of the hairy fat man dropping his robe! Hahaha!


  5. penshift says :

    I like how casual she was about a snake. lol


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