Silent Things

Bits and pieces of books, when you tend to read things concurrently, start to collect together.

I’m re-reading the Outlander series and it is VERY long but very good and I’m positive I missed a book last time I read it but since I read the majority of them over 10 years ago I’m not just reading them again, I am reading them from the other side of motherhood, world travel, work, creating a home, learning to cook etc.  It is a very different book series from either side of that line.  One passage, a trivial line, is about how her daughter could arrange absolutely incongruous things together and they ‘just worked’.  She called it a skill, the careless yet careful collection of meaningful things with no meaning…  I’ve looked at my odd collections of shell and rock and bits just a bit differently since reading that line.


A second book, one that didn’t even get a chance at my sidebar since its 90 pages long and I read it over 2 days.  Not even a marathon sit and read, it was a nice thing to read in the 5 minutes I have scattered in the day and before I fell asleep last night.  Slightly more virtue then candy crush at least (and I’m stuck on a level).  Anyway, this entire book feels like it is an investigation in the theory of how ordinary things go together (or don’t).  It was a good book and I was waiting, more or less, for the ‘normal’ book thing to happen and then 10 pages from the end, according to kindle page count, it finished.  No. more. story.  Ok… Author note.  I do enjoy author notes and this is more like an addition to the story and an explanation as to why it kinda isn’t a story.  It is most definitely NOT the first book of Patrick Rothfuss one should read, not at all (and he says that too).  I did like it though and by the end of the author note I loved it because I was really happy that I read it ‘right’.  It was a story for a particular type and I am that type.  A bit broken, but only broken in comparison to the boring normal, and I think that I’m in good company based on the success of the book.  Lars told me he thought it was ‘for me’ and loaded it onto my phone months ago and I am glad that I decided to start it this week.

I have no idea if it is just my family but all my life things have had personality and attitude to a more or less degree.  Often I put a project away to simmer, something honestly does happen to it put away in a box because it does come back easier.  People often have relationships with machines like sewing machines or cars and I know one machine out there (I’m look at you Bruce!) that hates me and tried to eat my finger.  This dive in to a bit of an obsessive view on the object does have more appeal then I think Mr Rothfuss ever thought.  Even though my dad does say that if things actually talk to you, you should see a doctor, I think he knows that some things need to be heard.



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