3 things thursday 2/5

Three things Thursday!

1. We have planned the trip to Fl.  We are going to have lunch with Superman in Metropolis and dinner with rockets in Huntsville and Sleeping in Montgomery…  The trip there will be a mini vacation.



#2 The first Cream Egg of the season.  yum.




Fiona is practicing counting and she calls these things ‘spiky bugs’.  Who here has actually seen a TV that looks like this?  Not me…  well, I think there was one in the attic when I was little.  Attention; makers of flash cards, nobody that needs flashcards have any idea what these are (nor rotary dial phones) update your graphics please.  It does make me smile what her brain comes up with in absence of experience or information.



The inspiration to list three fun things on Thursday by Nerd the Brain #threethingstursday


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4 responses to “3 things thursday 2/5”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    I love your list! Thanks so much for joining in the fun! 😀


  2. call me a critic says :

    wow sounds exciting, wish i could do things like that, look forward to hearing more, would be ever so gratefull if you could take a look at my page thank you


  3. call me a critic says :

    im sure it will be tremendous fun


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