My new washer

Yesterday was my first ‘proper’ laundry day since the monday before my birthday.  (That means for all of the age of 35 I’ve been half-assing* the laundry)  The loner washer was  nice, I’m very glad actually I had it for 2 major reasons;

1. It got our stuff clean and I didn’t have to either just buy more stuff or go to the laundry (price roughly equal!)

2. I will not second guess my decision to go high end for this appliance since I got to use a new mid/low end one. The loner (would have) cost $400 ish and originally I thought something that price/grade would be fine for us, but, it was smaller than the one I had from 1995 (original to the house) and that was just annoying.  I am now 100% confident in my decision because if I didn’t see it myself I would always wonder if just getting something new be upgrade enough.


It was actually Lars who pushed the ‘good one’.  He never even does laundry but he read tons of reviews and had my list of must-have features and because I was in a coma of over stimulation from data he basically said “this is it”.  I took days trying to find a flaw but he knows how I work and I convinced myself he was right far better than he could have.  So.  It arrived last tuesday and I did laundry and it was very nice to have clean stuff, but, laundry on a Tuesday just does not work for me.

Now I finally have my LG high efficiency washer and a Monday and all is right with the world!


There are two major awesome points to this thing

1. It is HUGE


this is one load of laundry. It is equal to 2 of my old washer loads.


she is 2 and fits fine…


2. It is cool to watch because of the glass lid

5.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White, ENERGY STAR    Model# WT5680HWA Internet/Catalog# 204403920

entertainment! (don’t mind the mess of a laundry room)


The negative is the same as the first positive….  It feels a little silly to toss in a small load because it looks lost and alone way down there.  Fortunately it senses the amount of clothing in there and adjusts accordingly including telling you up front how long things will take (and mom, yes, you can tell it to add more water).  It self balances and has no agitator and I did watch and see that stuff from the top did agitate around and down and ended up not on the top.  The purchasing and sourcing part of my brain is calculating how much the stainless drum cost and is that really worth it and if someone is looking for proof that the consumer (me) feels that the awesome looking drum is worth it I say YES, and, I did pay for it so there you go.  (use this to stop the manic cost reduction teams I’m sure are after your stainless drum)

The big negative I saw in online comments was that it is hard to get things out if you are short.  I’m 5 foot 6 and I do feel a little like a pearl diver but its doable.  It is taller than my old machine but only by about an inch.

After 2 weeks I’ve made it my business to try out all the cool functions and I’m impressed by the steam allergy cycle.  I put Fiona’s whole boppy pillow in there and it came out damp (ie not soaking so much more easy to dry) but she has been significantly better at night since.  I have not been quite brave enough for stuffed animals but the ‘bright white’ cycle got the gi’s super white, the delicates came through perfectly, and the towels did seem to like the ‘towel’ cycle.  My argument to Lars on ‘fancy’ cycles is that I’m going to probably use ‘cotton color’ 90% of the time but yes, that other 10% it is nice to have good options.

If you are in the market and considering the  5.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer in White,  Model# WT5680HWA, home depot item/Catalog# 204403920 I can say I am enjoying it (as much as you can enjoy a washer).


*what is the origin of ‘half assed’?  Common phrase in my highschool but I have no idea where it came from otherwise and when you think about it, it makes no sense at all.


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2 responses to “My new washer”

  1. tedstrutz says :

    You are going to have to keep your eye on that one, Kate.


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