Friday Fiona fun

By now I should just expect the unexpected because after a 5 day stretch of a cranky obstinate 2.5 year old dominating all the things, today she went back to normal?!?  Those 5 days were full of odd unexpected things that were made just so much more fun because of Fiona’s charming additions, not to mention she had a cold on top of her normal level of allergic to random uncontrollable environment.


1. Fiona can now climb out of her crib.  For the record, we have a tot bed, she won’t use it, she likes the crib and since no impending little sibling is forcing the issue I put the tot bed away.  Anyway, for 2 solid years she was our ‘easy’ bedtime because I would put her in, shut the door and maybe 1 in 50 nights I might hear a request for more water.  Now she gets out of her bed and wants to join in the evening fun.  Close the door?  Yes, I try, and for a week I had her convinced she should close the door so that cat would not get in.  Now she pitches a huge mega fit about the door being closed…. maybe because there is a door knob cover she can’t use on the inside…  So what used to be easy is now hard.


2. Fi can now do the buckles on her 5 point harness.  For months she can and would do the top clip but now she INSISTS on doing the bottom and she is not all that fast.  Her reaction to frustration is screaming.  It isn’t pretty.  I know in a few weeks she will be a pro and I’ll be glad for this but right now she is crabby with crab sauce about the buckle issue.


3. FiFi has continued her obsession with books.  Including the eating of them.  The cute side is that she sits and ‘reads’ to her dolls and herself and actually gets a bunch of the story right on the frequently read books.  The not so cute side is that if there is a tiny nick or flap she MUST pull it.  More and More and More.  Eventually it rips and she always tells me and I take it away and she cries.  I can’t not let her have books.  I do sequester library books but that only saves 99%.  At this point I should just budget $10 to the library monthly until she is 5.  We do get our moneys worth out of the library – finally both girls will enjoy greater then 50% of our weekly story time, and, neither of them try to flee anymore so it is far less stressful to go to the library.  Good thing because we read so much I’m very bored by our books.


4. Mona (as she calls herself) has also gotten very very good at dressing herself.  She now will not let me dress her.  Usually not a problem, I like her doing things and given she is #3 she just follows along with her sisters to get dressed and does ok.  The problem results in her getting stuck because all frustration leads to ear piercing screams of frustration.  On top of it all, I, magical me, am apparently the only one that can solve these problems.  This one is actually overall good because I already budget 30min to getting dressed and these days she is actually one of the fastest.  Possibly this early urge to get dressed is due to a standing bounty of 2 M&M’s for getting dressed without being asked 2x and by yourself.  Don’t judge, it works, and as a cherry on top anytime I get the “Marsha gets to blag blah blar” I can always reply “does she get 2 M&Ms every morning?” So far that has worked as a rational for all, like tipping early, I get good service.


5. My darling baby, who isn’t a baby, seems to be my most prone to random illness.  I did just think it was cold after cold until I noticed the pattern and tried some allergy medicine and now I feel bad for making her suffer all that time because she was instantly better after one dose.  Unfortunately now I semi second guess symptoms because there is a good chance it is just an allergy again.  Apparently this week she actually got a cold, and now its gone, and things are so much better (after I gave her allergy meds).  I can’t wait until I can trust her to self medicate in about 15 years because judging how someone else feels every day is really hard.  I’m actually really glad this was a cold because she has had many meltdowns over the past few days and I’m super glad that isn’t how it is just ‘going to be’ for a while.



back to normal – doing her job, sorting, and inspecting, silverware


green screen girls

Fiona is a good little girl who is evolving daily and it is fun to watch.  It is nice to enjoy the positives of stay at home mom time, even if some of the negatives to try and horn in more than their fair share.


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