Happy Blog Day

I was going to post about my washing machine, the one that FINALLY arrived yesterday and is awesome.




I went to sleep last night with 499 WordPress followers and woke up with 501!!!!   500 feels like such a benchmark that I am not even sure how to celebrate.  Thank you, sincerely, to everyone reading.  Occasionally I even get feedback and that is super fun too (ps.  No, not taking up a career in carpentry) but in the world of Facebook and mega sites I feel pretty proud to have 501 people.  Stats are always tricky because I also have 45 ‘followers’ via Twitter and 11 via e-mail plus between 50-100 readers per day so I just had to pick a stat to mark and followers on wordpress was it.


What I love most is that I’m attracting blogs that I would also like to read (and you might too).  I must be putting out something good for someone other than my family to want to keep up on 🙂

#500 is Successful Parenting Today.  I would love to be considered a successful parent and given that they follow me they must like me!  (or they are mocking me… lets be optimistic)

#501 is Myhomelifeblog.  This is what I write about too!  I love that my life in MN (right near Canada but in the USA) is not all that different then their life in South Africa.  The internet connects us so nicely.


Writing all this out for the world with no idea if people are reading or caring or disagreeing is hard sometimes so little stats like this gives me the ‘atta boy’ that I don’t usually get in my life.  Thank you all again. (501x) (or, 566x)


ps. the washer is really really big



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5 responses to “Happy Blog Day”

  1. mamalisa4 says :

    Congrats!! that is a benchmark!! The washing machine looks great too !!


  2. M@Home says :

    Thank you very much for the mention! Would still like to read your post on the washing machine


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