no plans

You know the saying if you want something done ask a busy person?

Today we had no plans and nothing really got done.  Well, I did clean the fridge and we have a few major categories going on in there;  BBQ sauces, Salsa, Pickled things, Olives, Yogurt <– Those literally make up 1/2 of the space in the fridge with roughly a shelf each.  The other half is split evenly between veggies, Cheeses, and meats (not counting the doors).  Not a bad food pyramid going on in there and now it is very very clean.  I made Lars investigate what was in any closed container and we reclaimed a good chunk of space from leftovers but nothing too seriously gross.  Other then living that dream we got nearly nothing done but it was not a bad way to spend the day.

Tonight I opted to start the process of uncluttering my room rather then play a game with ‘the guys’.  Over the holiday season each event was preceded by me sweeping through the house and gathering all the random things into a box and that box was deposited in my room.  To my credit, it was never more than laundry basket size but not all of it got back out and it piles up.  Mix that with my laundry hording tendency and the fact that my kids think my closet is a hideout/clubhouse/den/awesome place and it was getting claustrophobic in there.  There is more to do but I’m glad for what I did and since they all died in the game I’m not sorry I missed that.

I took a look at winter carnival stuff but even though the weather is possibly the warmest ever in January, I just don’t think I’m ready to take the kids to it at their ages and stages.  Tomorrow I hope to do something … don’t know what yet but I have hours to figure it out 🙂


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