Grandy on civil rights

This week talking with Grandy I talked about my semi-distress on the MLK discussions.  I know you are doomed to repeat history if it isn’t studied, however, I don’t really like putting the ideas of inequality even into play with kids who have not thought of it.  I quoted to Grandy the fact that most 12 year olds today have ONLY known Obama as president


her reaction was this:

“We never really saw the president.  Only at the movies every week, they played news because there was no tv.  Imagine the world before TV.  We didn’t have any way of knowing, or seeing really, how it was anywhere.  We only knew our church and neighborhoods and some were white and some were black and we didn’t know any other way could be.  Things were changing when I was young but you can’t even describe it to someone who already knows ‘now’.  Everything was just separate and I had no idea what it was like anyplace else.  No tv, I think that made a difference….”  “There wasn’t any trouble, I never knew about trouble at least, that was all before my time” (yes Grandy, I don’t actually think you are old enough to remember slavery first hand… but you know a whole bunch of stuff Brown v BOE etc was going on in the 50’s and supreme court cases are usually not the first you hear of an issue)  “Oh, well, it was just different being not ‘here’.  Here everything was fine”

We talked a bit more but I can’t help thinking about how much has truly changed in her life.  In my life things have not really changed too much, that last degree in 6 sigma is always hardest to get.  I wonder what things will be like when I’m 85 but I know I’ll be ‘that old lady’ that remembers when the first African American President of the United States was elected (twice).

Previous Grandy story; WWII


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