taxes part 1 done

Every year I say I need to do my stuff monthly…. Every year I don’t.  At least this year I’m starting in January!

Today I achieved Certificates of rent paid for all tenants – that is find this years form online, find last years form in my file to copy the random wierd data like lot number.  Print all.  Sign all. Scan all (on my old slow scanner). Attach and email all.  Feels like it should be faster but that was an entire hour!

I also did all the accounting for all the houses.  For once, it was very very easy.  Everyone paid on time, minimal expenses, and the bank account balances with the register and with reality.  I even earned .05 in interest ~

Taxes part 2 will be next, totaling up all my tax deductible miles.  I might not have a ‘job’ but it is my ‘job’ to find all my deductions and document them all.  My accountant rocks and I don’t know if I scare, amuse, or annoy him with my piles of receipts all attached to spreadsheet and a list of questions to make sure I read the rules right.  Earning money is Lars’ job, saving it is min!

I’m not going to mention the half up half down state of christmas at the moment because after the second sleepless night I needed a nap more than I needed to do another project.  Now I’ve battled 1 into bed, 2 through baths, 3 into PJ’s and I can see about dinner… can’t see my way to a workout tonight.


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