Problems with a problem solving 2 year old….

The other day Zoe, 4, asked if the ‘lady in my phone’ was the smartest person ever.  We had a long conversation about how she isn’t a person really but just a machine that is really really fast at getting information.  She does not think, she does not solve problems, she gives data and you have to do the rest.  This was as I was ignoring her not awesome directions because I knew there was a messy construction right where mapquest app was sending me.  I tried to impress on her that the act of taking facts and coming up with ‘something’ is thinking and a very good thing to do.

obviously Fiona was listening.

At some point last night Lars (who blames the thumbless cat) left the door that leads to garage open.  Fiona, cold, wakes up and starts to call me at the crazy hour of 5am.  I got out of bed and was cold, but I would be cold if it was 80 degrees after my very cozy bed so I didn’t notice extra cold.  She was INSISTING on moojam-ies!!!!  ‘moojam-ies’ is not a word we use but at 5am her decent preschool talk downgrades to just this side of gibberish but she is really really mad if you don’t know what she wants.  After many tries I guess ‘moose jamies’ that are a very warm set of footies.  So, she was cold and instead of saying “I’m cold” and letting me solve this problem in any number of ways other than finding a specific article of clothing in the dark (like one of the 6 blankets in her bed) but a teeny part of me was happy that she technically solved her problem.  I got her to accept a different pair of footie jammies and back to sleep she went.  The real solution was closing the door…  Good thing it wasn’t really super cold last night.

Not much else went well today but I’m holding onto the fact that Fiona is now passing into the ‘think and problem solve’ phase.  Hopefully she does it more during daytime hours in the future.


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