Shameless self promotion

Hey! Happy Monday!  Things were going just fine until Niamh puked on the bus (to school, so like 10min) so now she is home feeling perfectly fine.  She is giving me the opportunity to really focus on the laundry….  The loaner laundry machine is working well, soon I will have a mountain of clean clothing to hoard.

Anyway, getting back to my title I have to toot my own horn a bit because if I don’t, nobody will!

#1 I have an article up at Mother Earth and if you like it, leave a comment there so they ask me back again some day.  It is pretty cool to have a by line out there.

#2 ….This is a leap here….  The nominations for 2014 blog awards are open and I feel like I’m a good blog that has a nice mix of things in a rapidly diminishing field.  My feed reader is a ghost town and every time I find something I like they quit writing or are so sporadic that it isn’t a living story anymore.  My goal is living story and I think I’m meeting that goal.  Occasionally I get down and feel nobody cares if I write or not and then I get a bit of validation from someone and I keep going and I’m always glad I keep going.  I don’t blog for the ‘cookies’ but given that all the other things in my life are 100% amorphous as to if I’m doing well or not, it would be super nice if the people reading my blog felt it was worth nominating.  The procedure is pretty easy – go here

and then you can nominate me ( under as many categories as you feel like I fit.  I would say Parenting and Humorous BUT I actually also meet the criteria for lifetime since I’ve been blogging constantly since 2005…    By the way, I don’t think there are prizes, just knowing that people like my stuff 🙂

That is all for today, oh!  Pantry progress!  1/2 is now officially done, and the other half is waiting for a few days to let my sprained fingers heal.  Impact drivers are awesome but that force does kick back – take warning from my super sprained fingers.  I’m trying to find a way to take good pictures but here is something.IMG_3628


toddler for scale

Ok, done for real – go vote for me and check out Mother Earth articles 🙂

PS.  You have to vote for 3 blogs in a catagory so I highly reccomend too.


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