I win washer – Home Depot wins me

I did mention that my old battleship of a washer (original to the house, circa 1995) died mid cycle on the Monday before Christmas.  I put it off and ignored it until after christmas but on the 26th dutifully sat and searched and compared and selected a washer.  Lars talked me into going WAY better then my first instinct, but, once he convinced me it because the washer of my dreams and no other would do.

I clicked ‘buy’ (farming points by the way buy buying it through the portal site on Chase) and then I got a nasty surprise that it was backorder until Jan 14.  Hum.  Not cool, but, not worth finding a different option that was in stock.  Given the holiday unless it was in a store warehouse I doubt it would be available.  9 years in purchasing, 7 working closely with  manufacturing did teach me the power of follow up because sometimes ‘backorder’ means they are madly producing and yes, yes they will have one for you on the date promised.  Sometimes ‘backorder’ means Ha! we are going to wait until enough suckers consumers pony up to make a production run and we will say ‘available’ in an ever rolling forward 2 weeks….  So upon purchase I made a note to call and follow up 5 days before and so Friday I made the call.  Yippie! According to the lady and her all-knowing computer and inventory system one was scheduled yada yada yada.

Not 4 hours later I get a message from Lars (HD scared to call me I bet) that no, no it is not coming, it is now ‘tentatively’ scheduled for the 28th.  A VERY SUSPICIOUS interval of 2 more weeks.  So I call and do not freak out because that gets you nowhere but I did ask what we could do about a month long backorder and I mentioned that I know the 2-week game and we are talking about laundry here, something that can only be mounted up for so long.  The kids love it by the way, they get to wear PJ’s all day and just change to new ones at night (if we are not going out, on a weekend… Lars also volunteered to go without undies, you know, for the cause).  The man in customer service sympathised and tried to sell me a different washer but there isn’t one with the same features, trust me, I already looked.  I asked him, with fingers crossed, “how about a loner?”.  I honestly had no idea if that was a thing and maybe it isn’t for real, but, they did it for me.  My local home depot got on the line and they worked it out and the department manager himself brought a washer to us this afternoon.  A Saturday.  Sweet!  Clean socks for all!

I can’t say that loaner appliances are an official program but Home Depot went the extra mile and made it so I was not stuck in the laundromat fuming about how I should have my shiny new washing robot that not only washes but also dispenses coffee all while poofing rainbows.  The power of asking nicely, having a possible plan to fix the situation, and working with the company is extremely valuable.

I’m off to wash the socks!


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