the snow is mezzzmmmooorrrizing

They are predicting 1-3 inches and I think that those same inches are just blowing around in perfect snowglobe flurry.  The flakes are teeny tiny and the girls and I went to a playdate at an inside playground.  The roads are mostly fine really, slick here and there, but the snow blowing around in eddies and currents is hypnotic.  I don’t know how plow drivers do it!

Home again with only one close call where I exited in basically a white out to see a tow truck blocking most of the ramp but I was going slow anyway and made it by.

Life is still about the same as normal.  I need so amp myself up to go finish the painting in the pantry, I’m getting bored of doing it you must be bored of hearing about it.  It is, however, the thing that I’m doing that is semi unique.  Nap is far more appealing but if I want to finish I need to keep going.  It has been very cool to have kids wanting to help.  They do slow me down but not too much.  I’m hopeful to be putting things in this weekend so 2 cars can once again fit.


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