I wish Menards served coffee

With any project you end up at the hardware store…. often….  I call it good when it is only once a day.  I have been at menards 3 times in 3 days.

Today I had my trump card(s) with me, Niamh and Zoe had off from school (because of arctic weather) and we rolled around going right to the spots we needed but with two kids in tow I got away with quite a list;

1. asked for someone to bring the cabinet I wanted to the front

2. got wood cut down for me

2a. didn’t even have to go out into the cold yard, or, carry it myself

3. Someone else loaded my car for me.

On the other hand, getting the wood cut was a mixed blessing.  I need 80in shelves, the wood comes in 144in (12f) and that is just too big for the car.  After 20min of waiting the guy comes back with 3 80in pieces of wood.  I’m like; “um… where is the rest?”.  He just figured that I didn’t need the other 40% of the wood I was buying.  I sent him back for it~

So with my trumps, I avoided some heavy lifting but I had to prove that I did actually want all the wood I was buying and it took an extra 30min.  I think I came out generally ahead.  I would have been totally ahead if menards had good coffee brewing somewhere, then that 30min would have been a break not a wait.

Next thing is to paint the newly acquired shelves and cabinet and I’m hopeful that will happen before night tonight.  I’m putting both girls to work!


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