I have brought the remainder of the christmas cookies to a friend….

That means that its time to think about healthy eating!  Not that I’ll be without treats and cooking, I did get a kitchenaid for christmas, but new goal is 1 sweet a day and aim for exercise every day (fully expecting to only get 4-5 a week).

I’m not super for resolutions on paper but last year I started making bread and have not purchased sandwich bread in a year.  This year I’m thinking about a few things, lets see what sticks.  I do KNOW that I will be DONE with diapers in 2015.  As always, I didn’t have to wait long for some projects and things to look forward to but more on that later.

Our first newyears eve party was a success.  Not a drunken Frat style but people stayed over til 2:30 so that says it was fun to me.  The girls did make it to midnight but not much longer, I got my first snuggle at 12:05 and the first kid falling asleep on me for the year at 12.07.  I can’t believe that was only two nights ago!

Until next time, here is a blurry picture of us outside with sparklers ringing in the new year.IMG_3576


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2 responses to “I have brought the remainder of the christmas cookies to a friend….”

  1. mamalisa4 says :

    Sounds great to me!! I just got rid of all of the cookies and cakes and then this morning my father-in-law drops off what? more cookies and cakes!!! I guess I’ll have to have some before getting rid of them, don’t want them to be a complete waste!! LOl Happy New Year!!!


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