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Weekly Doodle; Free Spirited

I’m not a super free spirit most of the time, I do like the rules… but I do ride the grocery cart down the hill.



Because I will over work this and never finish if I don’t set boundaries I gave myself 1 pen, 1 paper, 10 min (give or take)

ps.  probably my first time drawing something ‘fun’ in years!

Friday Fiona fun

By now I should just expect the unexpected because after a 5 day stretch of a cranky obstinate 2.5 year old dominating all the things, today she went back to normal?!?  Those 5 days were full of odd unexpected things that were made just so much more fun because of Fiona’s charming additions, not to mention she had a cold on top of her normal level of allergic to random uncontrollable environment.


1. Fiona can now climb out of her crib.  For the record, we have a tot bed, she won’t use it, she likes the crib and since no impending little sibling is forcing the issue I put the tot bed away.  Anyway, for 2 solid years she was our ‘easy’ bedtime because I would put her in, shut the door and maybe 1 in 50 nights I might hear a request for more water.  Now she gets out of her bed and wants to join in the evening fun.  Close the door?  Yes, I try, and for a week I had her convinced she should close the door so that cat would not get in.  Now she pitches a huge mega fit about the door being closed…. maybe because there is a door knob cover she can’t use on the inside…  So what used to be easy is now hard.


2. Fi can now do the buckles on her 5 point harness.  For months she can and would do the top clip but now she INSISTS on doing the bottom and she is not all that fast.  Her reaction to frustration is screaming.  It isn’t pretty.  I know in a few weeks she will be a pro and I’ll be glad for this but right now she is crabby with crab sauce about the buckle issue.


3. FiFi has continued her obsession with books.  Including the eating of them.  The cute side is that she sits and ‘reads’ to her dolls and herself and actually gets a bunch of the story right on the frequently read books.  The not so cute side is that if there is a tiny nick or flap she MUST pull it.  More and More and More.  Eventually it rips and she always tells me and I take it away and she cries.  I can’t not let her have books.  I do sequester library books but that only saves 99%.  At this point I should just budget $10 to the library monthly until she is 5.  We do get our moneys worth out of the library – finally both girls will enjoy greater then 50% of our weekly story time, and, neither of them try to flee anymore so it is far less stressful to go to the library.  Good thing because we read so much I’m very bored by our books.


4. Mona (as she calls herself) has also gotten very very good at dressing herself.  She now will not let me dress her.  Usually not a problem, I like her doing things and given she is #3 she just follows along with her sisters to get dressed and does ok.  The problem results in her getting stuck because all frustration leads to ear piercing screams of frustration.  On top of it all, I, magical me, am apparently the only one that can solve these problems.  This one is actually overall good because I already budget 30min to getting dressed and these days she is actually one of the fastest.  Possibly this early urge to get dressed is due to a standing bounty of 2 M&M’s for getting dressed without being asked 2x and by yourself.  Don’t judge, it works, and as a cherry on top anytime I get the “Marsha gets to blag blah blar” I can always reply “does she get 2 M&Ms every morning?” So far that has worked as a rational for all, like tipping early, I get good service.


5. My darling baby, who isn’t a baby, seems to be my most prone to random illness.  I did just think it was cold after cold until I noticed the pattern and tried some allergy medicine and now I feel bad for making her suffer all that time because she was instantly better after one dose.  Unfortunately now I semi second guess symptoms because there is a good chance it is just an allergy again.  Apparently this week she actually got a cold, and now its gone, and things are so much better (after I gave her allergy meds).  I can’t wait until I can trust her to self medicate in about 15 years because judging how someone else feels every day is really hard.  I’m actually really glad this was a cold because she has had many meltdowns over the past few days and I’m super glad that isn’t how it is just ‘going to be’ for a while.



back to normal – doing her job, sorting, and inspecting, silverware


green screen girls

Fiona is a good little girl who is evolving daily and it is fun to watch.  It is nice to enjoy the positives of stay at home mom time, even if some of the negatives to try and horn in more than their fair share.

Three things Thursday

I’m interested in not just spewing my thoughts on life, universe and everything into the void – but – finding sites of like minded people.  To that end, I’m going to try and participate in some recurring challenges.  Today’s Three Thing Thursday is the brainchild of Nerd the Brain~ basically three cool things from my week.


Thing 1; My friend is a genius.  He has a pop up bar called “Tilted Tavern”  Look at the ring he designed (then look at it upside down)


Thing 2; Vaccinations.  It seems to be ‘the thing’ to talk about right now but with my sad sounds tot sniffling and not being herself I can be basically sure it is a cold and not any of the really really bad things out there because she is vaccinated.


Thing 3; Snack mom.  I know… I’m ‘that’ mom but I think the kids deserve a fun treat and I LIKE doing it once a month.  This month snowmen; popcorn in a clear cup with the face drawn on, the ‘hat’ is black table cloth cut into a circle and rubber banded on.  (If anyone wants more of a how-to let me know.)


Happy Blog Day

I was going to post about my washing machine, the one that FINALLY arrived yesterday and is awesome.




I went to sleep last night with 499 WordPress followers and woke up with 501!!!!   500 feels like such a benchmark that I am not even sure how to celebrate.  Thank you, sincerely, to everyone reading.  Occasionally I even get feedback and that is super fun too (ps.  No, not taking up a career in carpentry) but in the world of Facebook and mega sites I feel pretty proud to have 501 people.  Stats are always tricky because I also have 45 ‘followers’ via Twitter and 11 via e-mail plus between 50-100 readers per day so I just had to pick a stat to mark and followers on wordpress was it.


What I love most is that I’m attracting blogs that I would also like to read (and you might too).  I must be putting out something good for someone other than my family to want to keep up on 🙂

#500 is Successful Parenting Today.  I would love to be considered a successful parent and given that they follow me they must like me!  (or they are mocking me… lets be optimistic)

#501 is Myhomelifeblog.  This is what I write about too!  I love that my life in MN (right near Canada but in the USA) is not all that different then their life in South Africa.  The internet connects us so nicely.


Writing all this out for the world with no idea if people are reading or caring or disagreeing is hard sometimes so little stats like this gives me the ‘atta boy’ that I don’t usually get in my life.  Thank you all again. (501x) (or, 566x)


ps. the washer is really really big


Confession; I like kids music

I’ve been a mom for a whole 6.5 years.  That is not epic by any means and I do expect to be adding more years to that total over time but still, 6 years of doing something is a lot. I have been obviously affected by motherhood from my ability to ignore infringements of my personal space to my adoption of the habit of wearing yoga pants for not yoga activity.  The most impact though has been the music.  Before kids I had a pretty eclectic taste, I more had guidelines on things I did NOT like (screaming, words so gravel mixed they were not intelligible, and brashy-crashy music) but if you asked me for a favorite band I would probably draw some name from the air and not really mean it.  I went to 3 or 4 Metallica concerts, a Lilith Fare, Live 2 or 3 times, Blues Traveler, They Might be Giants (probably my favorite overall), Rush, Sebastian Bach, Jimmy Buffet,  Tool  and even the Beastie Boys and Long Beach Double AllStars. All those bands had other bands that opened and that isn’t even a complete list because they were more about the fun outing with friends then the music itself.

Now I can firmly say my favorite band is the Laurie Berkner band.  I told Lars that if we are in a game show and the question is ‘who is your wife’s favorite band’ the answer is Laurie.  We have every album.  I know pretty much every song.  I’ve looked up the band members and I know a bio on everyone off the top of my head.  We also have created a (most likely non existent) conflict between the band members because one really does seem to not want to be there.  Up until recently Laurie dominated the music in the car and while there are plenty of other fine Kindie Rock stars that I like, she is my #1.  However… she is gettng a run for her money by My Little Ponies.

We listen to the MLP sound track often and it is also very very good music.  It isn’t a group so they can’t be my favorite band, but the music is clever and catchy and well done.  I looked up who writes it and the answer is Daniel Ingram.

It occurred to me that he, and the others that write for TV shows, never get the same fame that a performer who goes on tour does but he has a far more impactful job (in my opinion).  You have to buy Laurie, or any music, to hear something other then what the radio wants you to hear, but, they have the fame of xmillion records sold.  Daniel Ingram has earned many awards (well deserved so I think he is ‘big’ in his circle of peers, but, I don’t know if he is famous.  His work though is excellent.  He must know that he is playing a big role in creating the taste of a huge group of people.  Within the show there is examples of all different types of music and the one stuck in my head right now is this one;


The message is good, the music is well thought out and I might need to update Lars on my Newlywed game answers – favorite band: Laurie, favorite modern composer Daniel Ingram.  My taste is still informed by the people around me but I’m pretty glad that it is a good time for kids music.

I’m planin a road trip!

My sister generously gave me her timeshare.  Kinda like giving someone an oil painting; now you need to frame it 😉  She had already pre chosen the place in FL and put it on dates we could go (Niamh’s school break) but all other details were up to me.

I have not been on a vacation that was not going to my parents, going to a wedding, or going to an SCA event in 10 years.  Usually we combo them all and go to visit my parents at an SCA event, or, a wedding.  Anyway this was exciting and scary got downright daunting when the work-monster required 110% of Lars’s time.  He is neck deep in a massive project that like all massive corporate projects is spinning one way and then the other but the bottom line is there was basically no chance he could come.  So this problem just dark clouded in my brain for a few weeks.

My #1 plan was ‘bring my mom!’ but that was foiled because she is going to Hawaii to see the sister who gave us the timeshare.  #2 plan was my other sister who has a son the same age as Fiona, but, she works in my parents family business so she is in charge of everything while they are gone #3 plan was Miss Math but her vacation weeks don’t line up.  Should I go solo?  Vacations are supposed to be fun…  So I ask Facebook and Facebook delivered.  What was a problem yesterday is now a fun thing I’m looking forward to.  A friend here and her son, the same age as Niamh, are delighted to go!  Bonus, with another adult from here we can drive, so the depressing $400 per person airplane tickets are now in my rearview mirror.  Driving will take 3x but we will have a car there, we can bring more than I can cram into a carry on, and, we have the opportunity to see some fun things on the way.

Now we need suggestions of things to see ‘on the way’ from MN to FL.  We need to work out details of when we leave but the kids have Friday off, check in is 4pm on Saturday so just driving those 2 days we would make it fine.  If we leave Thursday we have time for more fun on the way.

I love when things work out!