Company + holiday + vacation = no computer time :)

Checking in to make a possibly last post for 2014!

Sunday I had to brave the laundromat and I decided to view it as a mini vacation from my crew at home.  It was a fairly nice 3 hours (if you don’t mind the smell….).  I got home to Lars doing a version of cleaning that involved the kids running like crazy to and fro putting things away.  Things were better then I left fo thats something, often it tips the other way when they are all together.  It did take away a chunk of the time I was going to use to tidy but oh well, now we all have clean clothing.

Monday was actually a very nice day.  I took a gamble that inviting over a friend to play would be a positive for cleaning and organizing.  The real gamble was if they would make more mess during the play date then I cleaned elsewhere.  I pressed them into helping pre-play date (Fiona went to school) and then they did play really well and created very little mess.  I got a ton done and they had fun and almost no TV all day!  I actually took the opportunity to super clean the living room, finding all sorts of treasure under the sofa and chair that I don’t usually move.

It might sound crazy to have a massive party while you have company BUT today I really only have to clean the kitchen since the rest of the house is pretty much good still.  I continued the play date theme by having a friend over yesterday afternoon so Lars and his BFF could hang how and loosely supervise while they totally entertained each other.  I’m doing the same today at 12:30 – friend #3 over and I hope to party-fy the house.  Yesterday BFF-W (best friend forever’s wife) and I went out to a few fun stores and had a fun time out that would have been super fun if I didn’t contract a migraine that morning.  It is finally gone now – a full 24h later – and good riddance!

This Last Day of 2014 is shaping up to be fun.  This is my first New Years party hosting and I’m getting excited!  I didn’t overreach – we are just doing pizza snack style and have a bunch of board games to play.  People are bringing stuff and I even told the kids they could stay up.  I saved (aka forgot about) a bundle of sparklers so my first act of 2015 will be to run around in the freezing cold with friends and kids and husband 🙂

Ok, time to go clear the decks and find the chairs and probably some cups.  If I don’t post again this year happy new year, see you next year!

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