Archive | December 27, 2014

Today is on its ear too

Usually I am very scheduled.  Not like a strict-strict schedule but we do have things we do each day usually and I have a morning and afternoon and evening routines.  There are tons of variations on the themes but for the past few days none of the things happen ‘as usual’.  I want to say meals have been generally regular, I do feed the children, but timing has been +/- an hour from normal.

I’m very glad to see so many other people on facebook saying things like “goal not to wear anything but yoga pants or PJ’s” or “my kids just change into fresh PJ’s at bedtime”.  yes and yes!  This is definitely not how things go when we are in NY but we also tend to go out or people come over etc.  I made it a mission to make sure we had enough food in the house for the holiday and just today we are on our last 6 eggs so I’m doing well.

I have a feeling it won’t get too much better when we have guests actually since one of them had knee surgery just after thanksgiving I don’t see many big outings for us.  It is pleasant, kinda drifting through the day with no real plans and the only loose attendance on the clock for eating and sleeping.   Keeping the TV time minor is a bit of a fight but they do have a ton of toys to play with.  Lars has been sick so even if we had plans we would have had to cancel them but today he is feeling much better and played a new game with the girls and now is at a friends birthday poker party.  My goal while he is gone is to reclaim the living room but I’ve been nibbling away at the piles for the past few days so nothing is too bad.  The only major hurdle is the laundry since the machine won’t be here until Jan 14 we have to go ‘deal with’ laundry tomorrow I think.

Workouts are the thing I miss and tonight I think I can get back to it.  I have plans for pizza dinner (since they don’t need egg I’m good) and once they are down I can get a good workout in.  I think the lazy vacation mode is novel and nice for a few days but a teeny tiny part of me will be glad to get back to ‘normal’ after new year’s weekend.